Top Gifts For the Runners in Your Life

 By Erin Johnson

It is that time of the year again: the holidays. Finding the perfect gift can be hard to do, so I have made a list of gifts for the runners in anyone's life.

1. Orange Mud Towel: This is a great gift for the runner on the go. These towels have a couple of really great features. It has a hook and eye closure system to be used as a cover to change with privacy after hitting the roads or trails. After your runner has changed or even if they don't want to change they can use the zipper to turn the towel into a seat protector for their car. This works great with cars that have light colored interiors. The towel is made out of a super soft terry, so it works great as a way to dry off as well. We sell these towels with The Runners Spot logo for a custom gift.

2. Injinji Socks: For the runner in your life that has everything but still complains about blisters, these socks might be the answer. These socks have a separate pocket for each of your runner's toes to prevent skin to skin friction. These socks are also made out of the cool max material, this means even on your runner's hottest runs, their feet can stay cool and dry. There are really great color options for both men and women, and we even have this brand of sock in a PT friendly version for the soldier in your life as well.

3. Nathan The Hipster: This one is for the pack rat runner in your life. There are four pockets to put things like keys, lip balm, tissues, gels and a phone in. These belts are great because the pockets are spaced out throughout to prevent one section from being more bulky and heavier than the rest. They also come in different sizes so please check with the pack rat before buying.

4. Nathan Runners Headlamp Nebula Fire: This is a great gift for the early riser runner as well as the night owl because these headlamps have some great features that make it better than most on the market. First, the Nebula Fire uses a rechargeable battery for hours of use that can last up to 25 hours on a single charge. Second, these are one of the headlamps that uses theRunwave. This technology allows the runner to change the lighting levels without having to press any buttons. Third, there is a sensor called theAuto-strobe, this sees car headlights and flashes to let the driver know your runner is on and sharing the road. We have this headlamp in a variety of colors that will suit your runner.

5. Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated: This is for when your runner gets thirsty when on the run. We know that there are very few places that we can get water out on the roads and trails, so these are great hand-held bottles that can carry 12oz of water with a pocket for keys and gels. These particular bottles are insulated so once the weather heats up again your runner can have cool water to drink. Nathan also made these bottles out of a reflective material so that it can aid in your runner being seen.

6. UltrAspire Spry Running Vest: These vests are for the distance runner in your life. There are lots of easy to access pockets for when one is running that can be used for gels, PB&J sandwiches and whatever else your runner needs for their run. These vests are adjustable to fit almost any body type. There is also a storage area for a water bladder or a jacket on the run. These vests when empty are incredibly light weight and come in some really great colors to fit almost any runners' needs


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