Running Through the Holidays

By Erin Johnson 

It’s that time of the year again. Food, family and running seem to come together in very different ways than what we are used to. Keeping a schedule is very hard this time of the year. There are the holiday parties, travels to family and friends, and food everywhere. It is easy for running to get lost in the holiday shuffle. Here are some tips to help keep  running alive this holiday season.

1. Shorten your runs. For some families taking an hour to go for a run just does not work.

During the holidays I will take shorter runs but at a faster pace. I will do a track workout or a tempo workout that takes about 30 minutes.

2. Get out early.

We all know that there are not enough hours in the day. One way to make sure you have time for your shortened run is to do it before the family gets up. I make sure to stay safe while getting in these early runs by wearing a lot of reflective clothing and lights. 

3. Lay out your running clothing the night before.

This tip helps keep the motivation to get out of bed on these cold, dark, holiday mornings up. When I see my favorite running tights laying out ready to go I am way more likely to go myself.

4. Find a running buddy.

This one works any time of the year, having someone that will meet you and is counting on you to show up is great motivation. I do this on those weeks when I just have to get my workouts in.

5. Give yourself a break.

During the holidays it is okay to take a day or two off. The stress of the holiday can lower your ability to fight off colds and whatever the kids bring home from school. Taking a day off from running may help with keeping your immune system in tip top shape.

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