Luke Ryan

Luke is a college student that has been working at the spot for a few months now, and has had quite the running career already. Running has not only benefitted him physically but it has also given him the opportunities to become the leader he is today. 

What is one thing people should know about you? 

That I was a captain of my old cross country and track teams for three straight years. 

What brings you to Fayetteville?

I was honorably discharged DEP from the U.S. Marines and wanted a way back into the military. Therefore, I looked to transfer from Temple University to schools that were close to a strong military presence. Methodist University is near Fort Bragg. They also have a great forensic science program, and that is what I am interested in, so Methodist and Fayetteville were perfect. 

What is your favorite food? 

I have two - buffalo chicken wrap or a rare steak. 

What is your favorite running event? 

Spartan races

When did you start running?

I started running in 9th grade for the cross country team at Central Bucks East High School. 

If you could, money no object, run any race in the world, what would it be? 

The Boston Marathon

What is your favorite distance and why? 

Five miles because it is enough to do some reflection and allows the metabolism to speed up. 

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