Geeky Running

By Erin Johnson

Are You a Sci-Fi Fantasy Fan and love to run?

If you say yes to this question , then here I have some ways on how to allow your favorite characters to come to life in your running. There are plenty of awesome themed races that you can do in person and virtually. I will give some tips on how to get the geeky costume without the chafing. I will also help with explaining to the people around you why you are R2D2 running a trail race.

1. Races

There are many options for running with your fellow geeks. RunDisney does the Light Side Half Marathon in California. The Nerd Herd does a virtual race series each year. RunDisney also does the Dark Side Half Marathon and the Avengers Superhero Half Marathon. There is the Martian Marathon in Dearborn Michigan. A more local race is Comics for the Cure in Durham, NC. Any of these races you can wear your geekiest costume and not be given a hard time.

 2. Costumes

There are many ways to become one with your fandom for race day. You can go with a shirt that has the logo on it like this Stormtrooper Tank. You can get awesome geeky socks from Stance like the Frozen Bounty.

3. Workouts

There is an app called Zombies, Run! that has sounds and a game like you are in a zombie apocalypse and you run through obstacles. Dungeon Runner has you get your characters between quests by running and walking in the real world. Pokémon Go you need to run or walk in the real world to hatch you eggs, so there are lots of opportunities.


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