Altra Lone Peak 3.0

By Erin Johnson

Looking for a zero drop trail shoe? Then the Altra Lone Peak is a really great option for you. Before this shoe came out on the market we were limited to the New Balance Minimus, Merrel Trail Glove and the Vibram Five Finger shoes. The feature all these shoes have in common is that they do not have much cushioning. When I would run on the volcanos of Hawaii or the slick rock of Utah I would feel it for days. The Lone Peak has a good amount of cushion to prevent this from happening while still being zero drop. 

One way the Lone Peak is great for all runs is the rock plate. This is a flexible piece of plastic that makes it so a rock cannot come through the bottom of your shoes. The rock plate also helps with stepping on branches and roots that can cause foot discomfort. 

The next way the Lone Peak is a great shoe is the wide toe box. While this helps with foot and toe pain the biggest benefit I have found is the added stability with the shoe. I find myself rolling my ankles much less in this shoe than any other trail shoe I have used in the past. The larger ground contact surface makes gripping the trail much easier. I was able to run the Sycamore Trail at Umstead State Park with only two minor issues. Only one of the two was footing related but it was my dog Gator that played a role in that issue.

Another way the Lone Peak is a great shoe, is that it has side impact guards in addition to guards on the toe box. This helps on the rocky and rooty trails when the trail comes up the sides. I love the fact that the Lone Peaks have this feature, and it was the reason I bought them over other options.

The last way the Lone Peaks are a great trail shoe is the Gaiter Trap. These pieces allow you to attach the Altra Gaiters to the shoes for stick and mud protection. In the summer, I love to have gaiters on my shoes so I don't bring home sticks and brambles.

I know this will not be the trail shoe for everyone but I think you should try it out the next time you stop into the store. Go run.....It Works.


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