On Launch

Erin Johnson

The Cloudflow - This is a great medium cushion shoe. There is more rubber on the bottom than the Cloud, this makes the shoe a bit more durable. The upper has a nice custom fit to it without feeling constricting. The cloud cushion system uses 18 individual pods to cushion every step. There is a rocker in this shoe to help move your foot through the phases of running.  Overall this is a great shoe to hit the roads or the Cape Fear River Trail with.

The Cloudflyer - On is hitting the stability market with this shoe. The Cloudflyer uses the clouds to cushion every step. There is now a wider flared base to keep your foot from rolling in on those long miles. This shoe is one of the first to use a star lacing pattern to keep a secure fit while not putting pressure over the top of your foot. This shoe is made out of the same great midsole as the Cloud and Cloudflow to make it very light for the long runs in your life. I am going to take mine on the next Half Marathon I run.

We are very happy to have On back in our store to keep you #onarunnershigh. Where will your new pair take you?

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